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    Collab piece @quaveglass and I put together. This piece is sold. Shout out @glassotaku for the awesome pictures! #dopals #dosaglass #quaveglass

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    The biggest problem with marijuana

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    Own Custom Orlowski Cross Bike

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    Pompino Love

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  9. Any fool can know. The point is to understand.
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    intercourse more like yes of course

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  11. nthesecond said: Copblock reporting PMC in ferguson :o








    The Blackwater-esque military contracting company ‘Asymmetrical Solutions’ announced on Twitter yesterday that they are deploying special ops to Ferguson.


    From their facebook:

    At suggestion of our client who felt our position was unique, our public message was one of frustration that someone who would typically call upon us to escort them to Baghdad, Kabul, etc. would feel the need to ask us to take them into a suburb of St. Louis

    In our time inside the Ferguson area, we came into ancillary contact with numerous demonstrators and protestors who did not seem to have any commitment to violence or chaos, but only wanted to peacefully have their opinion heard or report on the matters at hand. It seems a few bad actors are being treated as the whole.

    Law and order is important. Rioters and looters should be arrested and prosecuted. They cannot be used an excuse for the Governor to unnecessarily detain or arrest a peaceful press or lawful demonstrators. The Government has a duty to defend those liberties with the same vigor in which they defend private property from theft and destruction.

    How to respond to that? I get that their use of “lawful demonstrators” is fairly ambiguous and vague. But they also seem to be (at least through this post) siding that the protestors are in the right.

    I feel like this ties in to what I was saying about talking to vets about militarization on the homefront. A vast majority of PMCs are veterans, and know what an occupation looks like. I feel like whoever was the author of this statement falls under that umbrella. 


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    They did it, they fucking did it.



    holy shit!

    can someone explain this to me

    Thirty years ago a legendary ET game came to fruition, so awful that as the tale told, all unsold copies of it were buried in a pit in New Mexico. A documentary film crew has just unearthed the stash, proving the legend true.

    I don’t think people fully grasp just how awful it was. This one game, by the sheer merit of its unmatched shittiness, destroyed the video game and console market so thoroughly that the at home video game nearly went the way of the 8-track player.

    It was literally so awful that it nearly changed the entire course of technology.

    how can a video game possibly be that bad

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    every day I find more and more convincing reasons to believe that I’m an idiot who has convinced himself that he is smart

    i just accept that I’m an idiot and move on with my life