1. drifthole:

    The fiber.

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  2. ex0skeletal:

    In case you’re sad here are some buns.

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  3. shutupgrayce:

    I won’t feel a thing if you don’t.

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  6. mellamoamanda:

    Lipstick on point

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  7. validx2:

    Reasons I grab booty:

    1: That shit soft

    2:It relieve my stress

    3: It’s good for my hand muscles 

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  8. Reblog if you truly enjoy giving oral sex.


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  12. Madvillain - All Caps

    plays: 6,495


    Madvillain // All Caps

    All caps when you spell the man name

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  13. hakosukajapan:

    my friends static truck,

    i want a mini truck

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  14. daggersrule:

    Lecture: DOOM (Madrid 2011)

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  15. bestinnewmusic:

    MF DOOM - in depth interview with Benji B

    Says Madvillany 2 should drop before the end of this year!

    Doom X Ghostface Killah project should be finished soon.

    A collab with Earl Sweatshirt’s in the works as well as a collab with Jay Electronica!

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